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Tax Debts in Bankruptcy It is an established fact that half if not more of the Personal Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal Filings in Manitoba come as a result of Tax Debt. Contrary to popular belief, Taxation Debt accumulated such as Income Tax, General Sales Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to name a few, […]

Debt Relief Help From a Consumer Proposal Administrator When you’re in financial difficulties, you can file for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. Both are legal procedures to help you regain financial health. However, only authorized individuals known as trustees are allowed to file these two proceedings. The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy provides the […]

Filing for Bankruptcy a Second Time in Manitoba?Find Out Why it Will Cost More Filing bankruptcy is a step towards resolving your debt problems and involves the court for this legal process in order to reduce your debts. Filing bankruptcy costs a filing fee. When you file bankruptcy for the first time it does not […]

What is the 5 Year Hardship Provision For Student Loans & Bankruptcy in Manitoba? This ruling has been made as a sort of extension of the 7 year ruling that all student loans must be absolved after the mentioned amount of years. This was made in order to help the people who are not as […]

Manitoba Bankruptcies Filing for Bankruptcy in Manitoba can seem to be a very daunting and overwhelming task to even properly comprehend. So in this article a summary would be given to tell you what you can and can’t do while filing a bankruptcy. Firstly, the types of debts that one can incur include (mainly unsecured […]